Couples Relationships & Family Support Counselling

Being in a relationship with a life partner, parent, child, or sibling can bring its challenges. As we experience ourselves in relationships with others, we can find our expectations and those of others may differ hugely because We bring to all our adult relationships the patterns, values, and beliefs we develop as children growing up.

We can find it hard to express our needs and have them met. Over time as life presents challenges, our needs, and the needs of those we live with may change, and our old ways of relating and behaving may no longer serve us.


A life changing event, such as having a child, being diagnosed with an illness, a bereavement, moving house, financial struggles or approaching new life stages are among the circumstances that may give rise to stresses in relationships.

At “Let’s Chat Counselling”, we provide a safe and supportive environment in which to explore these issues. Whether you come on your own, or with your partner or family member, we will support you in finding greater understanding of yourselves, facilitating communication, and finding new ways of relating to each other.

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